The printed “postal envelope” or “Air mail”, is an envelope that was intended for air transport, it has long been the link between many countries. Taking up this motif and illustrating it on the clothes of the KIBIRKA brand is a nod to the exchanges that have marked our history and lulled our childhood through the stories that unite Africa and Europe.

The t-shirt is inspired by the “Air mail” postal envelope inspiration. Crafted in white cotton jersey, is enhanced by a golden cowrie sheath at the back neckline. Its classic silhouette is enhanced on the sides by a band reminiscent of the blue white red envelope, decorated with stamps on the front part and the date of birth of Emperor Menelik II. This t-shirt will easily combine with all pants for a casual outfit.

  • Printing of stamps and date of birth of King Menelik II on the chest
  • Round neck with ribbing
  • Cuffs with ribbing
  • Cauri jewel at the back neckline
  • 100% cotton fleece
  • Made in Portugal