A proud and strong Africa

Wearing KIBIRKA clothing and accessories is a way to contribute to the promotion of a strong and proud Africa.

Therfore, we invite you to become an embassador of the KIBIRKA brand in order to promote together the African cultural treasure and make you enjoy exclusive privileges:

1 – Have a preferential price on each collection.

2 – Receiving VIP invitations to private events of the brand (showrooms, fashion shows, etc.).

3 – Discovering new collections several days before their release, having the opportunity to pre-order and avoid shortages.

4 – Having access to special collections available for embassadors only.

5 – Bein a special guest at our partners events.

In return of all these befefits, we expect you to regulary share brand news on social medias (Instagram, facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat).

Lets go !

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